Friday, May 23, 2014

Quilt Market Recap

Well, it's been almost a week since I got home from Quilt Market, and I'm still processing all of the events and awesomeness from those 5 days.

I love it when Google auto-awesomes my photos into  GIFs. Here's day 2 of market set-up.

I went to market to support my lovely and very dear friend April Rhodes as she releases her first line of fabric for Art Gallery. I'll cover all of April's goodness in another post, but how cute are April and Caroline on the walk over to market on day 1?

Caroline Hulse, of Sew Caroline, was one of my suprise favorite things about market! I just loved hanging out with her - you know when you meet someone and you just sort of click? Well, that's how it was with Caroline. She and April shared a booth, and Caroline's line for Art Gallery, called Gleeful, comes out this month!

I noticed two major themes at market: LOTS of color, and metallics. Several new lines coming out, including Arizona by April Rhodes, the Cotton & Steel goodies, the new Echino prints, and Violet Craft's new line, include metallic elements.

Alison Glass had one of the most gorgeous, colorful booths, and some of the most gorgeous quilts in the whole place.
One of the quilts in Alison's booth.

Alison's line coming out this fall is called Handcrafted, and it consists of these gorgeous batik-style fabrics. The colors are amazing. I can't wait for these to come out -they will be amazing for garments!

More goodness from the Alison Glass booth.

This quilt - it's called Tesselation, I believe - was absolutely STUNNING. I mean, really really exquisite. The pattern, by Nydia Kehnle and Alison Glass, will be available soon. 

And, of course, the big buzz of market was Cotton & Steel. 

This was snapped during set-up, hence the naked mannequins, but that bag...swoon!

I loved this corner of the Cotton and Steel wall of goodness - that bottom left print is sort of a neon yellow in real life - so good!

Other things I loved: Carolyn Friedlander. She is the sweetest, most approachable lady ever. Her quilts from her upcoming book are absolutely STUNNING. So gorgeous. And did I mention she was so sweet? My nails matched on of the colors in hew new Aurifil thread box, and she insisted on taking a picture of my nails with the thread. :) She was just adorable and warm every time I ran into her.

Jennifer Sampou's new line color:FULL for Robert Kaufman is so bright and fun, and her booth was gorgeous. This quilt was so cool!

I was also really into the floor in Violet Craft's booth. Like, so into it that I took a picture of it with my matching glitter shoes.

The fussy cutting/precision piecing on this quilt in Anna Maria Horner's booth was like WHOA.

And finally, I was really into these deer (see the metallic gold?!?!) and birds in the Echino booth.

So, those are the fabric highlights from Spring Quilt Market 2014! I'll be back with another post on April and Caroline's awesome booth. 


  1. ooh fun!! great recap post Emily!!! Love seeing your faves. I'm really excited for Alison's batiks and C+S too!!

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