Friday, May 23, 2014

Quilt Market Recap: Arizona Fabrics by April Rhodes

Meet my adorable friend April. You know her from The Staple Dress. And the Date Night Dress. And the Riding Peplum.


April and I met through her mom's fabric shoppe, Sew To Speak. April is the fabric buyer for the shoppe, and a few times we've discussed me going to Quilt Market with the shoppe, but it never worked out.

Several months ago, I got an email from April, letting me in on her little secret - she is releasing her first fabric line with Art Gallery Fabrics, as part of their new Limited Edition line. I texted her and asked her to send me pics of the fabrics - and then held my breath until they arrived. I knew I was going to have to tell her if I didn't love them. But, then this showed up in my text messages...

...and I exhaled. Because it was perfect. Perfect color palette. Perfect designs. Perfectly April - the whole collection feels SO HER.

We started making plans for Pittsburgh...which, by the way, is adorable.

April and her family set to work making amazing, hand-crafted items for her booth. That sign she's painting below? Wood burned by her dad. That lamp just underneath it? Built by her husband. Jeff (April's husband) also built an amazing clothes rack for her booth.

April, her friends, and bloggers from all over the place made samples for the booth. And it turned out SO GOOD.

April shared a booth with Caroline from Sew Caroline (lots more awesome pictures over on her blog), and these two women did an amazing job visually dividing the booth. Getting everything set up was a two day process, but the end result was fantastic, and I was so proud of both April and Caroline!

That quilt back there in the corner on the wall? Yeah, I sewed that. April designed this quilt, called Rising, as a free pattern to be released along side her fabric line. The design is gorgeous, easy to sew, and compliments her fabrics really nicely.

Here it is before we backed it and hand-tied it.

Left: Gorgeous quilting by Mary Dugan of Molly Flanders and Megan Frock of Downtown Housewife. Right: April speaking about her fabrics at the Schoolhouse on Thursday of Quilt Market.

It was a crazy, whirlwind week, but I loved every second of it. It is SO COOL, as a friend, to see someone you love get such an awesome, warm reception by pretty much every one. It was super awesome.

I'll leave you with this: April, on Alex Veronelli of Aurifil. I think he got all of the Art Gallery designers on his lap, but April was definitely the most embarrassed. It was adorable. And hilarious. :)


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