Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wanna come sew with me?

Tap tap this thing on? I know I have been a SUPREMELY terrible blogger in recent months. It's not that I'm not sewing/knitting/crocheting. It's that Instagram makes it SO DAMN EASY to share and interact with other crafty folks. I also started a new job, and am trying to wrap up my dissertation, yada yada yada. But enough with the excuses. I'm really here to tell you about the

First Annual #OHcraft Sew-In!!


(Here's a button for your old bloggy blog if you have one.)
If you're in or around Ohio (or not - we've got people coming all the way from California!), join us November 8-10 at Hueston Woods Lodge
If you can't make it the whole weekend, that's fine! There's a Saturday-only option as well (this is what I'm doing). Kara, the organizer, is basically one of the kindest, sweetest souls on the planet, and we've already got a bunch of awesome folks coming, so please join us! You can find more information on her blog.
Questions? Shoot me an email.

p.s. It occurs to me that I should explain the #OHcraft thing. A while back, a bunch of Ohio crafty blogger types (April from Sew to Speak, Julie from Sewn Studio, Heather from Olive and Ollie (check out her new stuff on Creativebug!), Jessica from A Little Gray, Kara from Me and Elna, Ali from PhD Stitchery, Amanda from Sasikirana Handmade and Rachael from Imagine Gnatsgot together for a little fabric shopping extravaganza. 

(I'm taking this picture, and Jessica freaking KILLS me with her photo poses.)

At that meet-up, we gave ourselves a hashtag so we could easily share of crafty goodness with each other on instagram - hence, the #OHcraft was born. Feel free to hash it up and join us!

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