Monday, June 4, 2012

My very own hand quilting lesson!

*Whoa - you guys have some awesome laundry suggestions! I'm still trying to figure out what is going to work best for us, but if you're interested in the topic, I STRONGLY suggest checking out the comments on this post. So many amazing, detailed comments on how you guys make laundry work in your homes! I'm so appreciative of the time everyone took to help me figure out a solution!*

A few weekends ago, I got my very own hand quilting lesson from the AMAZING Mary Dugan. If you ready quilty blogs, you might know her from Molly Flanders. Her quilts are absolutely DROOL WORTHY. She is really, truly an artist - from her fabric choices, to her piecing, and her AMAZING hand quilting, basically everything she does makes me want to be a quilter, and that's really saying something, because have you ever seen a quilt on this blog? (Hint: NO. Although I have finished exactly one, and have a few others in various stages of unfinishedness -and yes I did just make that word up - and two quilt patterns in progress.)

I am positively DROOLING over this Point Me quilt she did. I mean, AMAZING. She also has a great tutorial over on her blog with an alternative (read: easier and better) way of piecing the triangles. I have (delusional) fantasies of making a king size version of this baby for my bedroom, but Mary informed that that might be a little bit insane. :)

My cell phone photos totally don't do her work justice - head over her her blog for better images!

Anywho, my favorite fabric store held a lovely little event a few weekends ago (the same day I ended up jousting in a dress) to share quilt market photos, and Mary was in the shop giving hand quilting lessons! 

Fabric Heaven. 

Mary gave us a demonstration of her quilting, and then gave me a chance to try it. I've read about hand quilting on other blogs, and they all describe using a "rocking motion" to do the stitches, but honestly in my head I was just picturing a running stitch. Turns out, it's not at all like a running stitch! I don't think I would have ever understood how to do the stitch without someone showing me in person. 

These are my sample stitches. Mary swears that, with some practice, and in the context of a quilt, no one will notice that my stitches are a little wonky. :)

Do you do any quilting? I'm working on one right now inspired by this quilt, and am working on a couple of quilting designs of my own. 

Thank you Mary, for the fantastic quilting lesson!


  1. So far I've made two baby quilts and two doll quilts - my MIL is a huge quilter and got me interested. I'm 81.5 blocks (of 90) into this one:
    Hoping to finish it soon, but I keep getting distracted by smaller projects and life in general!

  2. I do quilt, both by hand dnd by machine. I am hand quilting a pillow now. So far I've not hand quilted anything large, but when my machine piecing skills are up to snuff - I'm making donation quilts for project Linus to hone them - I'll make bed quilts for my family and I intend to hand quilt those. We'll see how easy it is to hold to that ideal when the time cones!

  3. I've been quilting for {too} many years, but generally only hand quilt smaller items like minis. But, I used to say I would never quilt ANYTHING by hand, so I've learned to never say never. I'm actually finishing my 8th quilt this year (not counting smaller projects) but it's a lot easier to find time now that my kids are grown. I call it "fabric therapy" and tell WH that it's cheaper than a shrink, but I'm not sure he believes me any more...

  4. Oh goodness, Emily! Am I behind on my blog reading! You are soooo welcome for the mini lesson! I can't wait to see your quilt come to life.....and then you can practice your hand quilting skills! Yay!

  5. I've gotten on the quilt train - making a few for J-Belle's baby. You have to know I can hardly wait.

  6. Didn't know you were in Columbus! I ADORE that shoppe!!!! I live in Springfield. Would love to go to a hand quilting class. I've only ever machine quilted. Always assumed it was just a running stitch too. And that quilt is gorgeous in person :)


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