Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Fat Girl Weighs In

It's been a few weeks since I've updated you all on my ongoing weight loss goals. That's not an accident. I sort of stalled out for a few weeks, for one reason only: LAZINESS. 

My motivation went straight down the drain. I'm still doing great in terms of eating a plant-based diet, but I stumbled onto some plant-based dessert recipes (see Chocolate Covered Katie for lots plant-based desserts) and got excited. Excited to try new recipes, excited that I might stumble onto something "healthy" that my hubby might eat, excited that I might be able to sneak some extra plant foods into Quinn's diet (he's thinks there are three food groups - sugar, chicken, and brownies). I got carried away trying new recipes, and then when they tasted good, I went overboard on eating all my "healthy" treats. Well, guess what? Just because the recipes are made with plant-based food doesn't mean they don't have calories in them! Are they better than conventional desserts? Probably. But truly "healthy"?  Doubtful.

Despite this small detour, I've still managed to lose 17.2 pounds since the beginning of the year. That's almost 20% of my weight loss goal, so I know it's not trivial. I also know it's not as much as I COULD have lost if I'd been working hard and tracking my Weight Watchers points like I should. 

I feel back on track this week, and am closely recording and tracking my food. I'm focusing on this:

One year from now, what WILL I wish I had done today? I'm certain I'll wish that I had made healthy food choices. My mother-in-law is a Weight Watchers lifetimer. She's done the plan many times, and is currently ROCKING it. She's down more than 40 pounds and counting. What a huge inspiration - to see the plan working right in front of my face. I mean, I KNOW it works, but to see it happening in front of my eyes is down right inspiring. She's mentioned to me a few times that, several months ago when she wasn't following the plan, I told her than a year from now, she would wish she had started working the plan that day instead of waiting for some other day, and it helped motivate her to go back to the WW plan. It seems I need to take a bit of my own advice (SOMETIMES I know what I'm talking about!), so that's just what I'm trying to do. 

And it doesn't just apply to food choices. A year from now, I'll probably also wish I had spent more hours working on my dissertation. I'm sure I WON'T wish I'd spent more hours reading, facebooking, or watching TiVoed episodes of Private Practice (most depressing show ever). Looking at the big picture, seeing the overarching goal and how my daily actions support (or don't support) those goals is something I'm working on this week.

Lots of you told me you were working on weight loss as a goal this year. How's it going for you? How do you stay focused on the big picture, and not let the nitty gritty of daily life (like that box of vegan cookies taunting me from the counter) get in your way?


  1. This is so inspiring Emily! Congrats on the 17 lbs. That's super impressive to me. I have really had the "some day" attitude when it comes to getting in shape. I love reading your updates because it kicks my booty!

    1. Thanks Jess! I've been living in the "someday" attitude for like, 31 years, so I'm really trying to focus on taking action. :)

  2. I will start on monday...and every week there is a new monday...that is how I was living it till now...
    But I think this one year thing is better, I like it. I will try to change my living.
    At the first of january I started a challenge with a friend, who will lose more weight (in % of our weight at the start)...well she is way in front because 'I will start on monday'...
    But have you ever tried to resist a swiss cheese fondue when you are skiing in the Alps and the swiss chocolate... :)

  3. Emily, I read this and immediately got off the computer and did the sit-ups I promise myself I'll do every day and then forget about. My 22-month-old even managed to do one pretty decent one too! You are so inspiring. I ran a 5k on the 11th and haven't been to the gym a single time since. Must improve! Thank you!

  4. This post is lovely. I too am tring to overcome my lifelong battle with food and being overweight. I have the added challenge of being a diabetic thrown in there too, sooooo it's even harder for me to do what I am supposed to do. I do ok with going to the gym, but the eating thing is always not so good. Keep up the good work and keep on being an inspiration! :)

  5. 17.5 lbs is no small feat! congrats!!! one thing that always stuck with me when thinking of lost weight is what a friend told me: go to the meat dept of the grocery and grab a pound of beef. it is super heavy! you just lost like 17 of those! ;) keep up the healthy diet. i try to eat preservative free due to my migraines and it is SO HARD sometimes. like the other day...i broke down and had a pop tart at work of all things. total prepackaged crap. but id be lying if i said i didnt enjoy each crumb!!!! ;/

  6. Emily, I love your openness! Thanks for sharing your journey. We have a house guest for a few days. Tonight I prepared a WW friendly meal, but for dessert I picked up some Great Harvest brownies. I had a 2-point size portion (teeny tiny), and I need to get rid of the rest of them tomorrow morning, as they are very tempting. No! I'm not bringing them over to your house!


  7. Go Emily! That's fantastic! And I gave up for Lent because I, too, spend WAAAAY too much time on that site! :)

  8. Awesome! Congrats! I've lost about 30 lbs since September. My motivation is 1) I'm not a nice person without exercise, and my kids deserve a nice mom :-). That gets me to the gym every day! 2) I don't buy food that I don't want to be tempted by. If its not in the house, I can't eat it! 3) every bite of food gets recorded. Before I put something in my mouth, I ask myself if ts worth putting in my handy little calorie counting iPhone ap. 4) I love pulling clothes out of my closet that haven't fit in years! 5) I want to be around as long as possible for my kids and staying healthy is the best way to do that. 6) since I do well most of the time, I can afford the calories for a dinner out here or there. So I don't feel like I'm having to completely deprive myself. Keep up the good work!

  9. I have to say I am completely green with envy. I have been tracking my points, working at the gym for 1 hr 5 times a week, and meeting with a trainer and have stalled. I lost 8 pounds since the beginning of Dec but have stopped right there. I seam to meet that line and CANNOT break through! I am hoping something changes soon. Good for you for your success. I hope to be right there with you next year! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


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