Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Purse Week 2011

Remember last year when I made this bag (grab the tutorial here and here),

 and then entered it in the Purse Week contest at A Lemon Squeezy Home and it won? Well, Christy is hosting purse week again! Woo hoo!


Submissions are being accepted now, so get to work!

I'm sad to say that this original bag was ruined by an unfortunate chocolate milk spill. Maybe I need to make another one...

Wee Wonderfuls Embroidered Library Bag

I made this little bag about a thousand years ago (ok, or back in May) as a gift for my sweet niece Noelle's first birthday. I used one the Book Club Stitchettes patterns from Wee Wonderfuls.

 I spent several days stitching up this adorable little girl and her library bag. Then, I took my embroidery, and made a very simple linen bag. The linen is from my home away from home, Sew to Speak. It is really GORGEOUS linen.

(Ignore that little water spot please and thank you!)

I was a very simple little project, and I know she can't really appreciate it now, but I hope someday she will be able to use it and love it. 

The Book Club Stitchettes series has several little boys in it. I've got one of those little guys in my embroidery hoop right now. I've also been thinking about blowing them up huge and appliqueing them on a panel for a little reading nook. Or maybe a little library quilt, something like this one. What do you think? I want to put the cute little reader boys to good use - what would you do with them?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Treat - Homemade Cheese Cracker Recipe

Today, my biggest boy started 4th grade. In true "Riley" fashion, the best picture I could get was one of him trying to cover the camera lens with his hand. Nice.

As a back-to-school treat, I made him some homemade cheese crackers. These are DELICIOUS, but totally addicting, and not at all friendly to my Weight Watchers plan. Make them at your own risk. 

Technically, this recipe is for a "double" batch. But, these are SO good and get eaten SO fast around my house that making a single batch is completely pointless. 

16 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
1 stick of cold butter, cut into small pieces
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 Tbsp salt
1 Tbsp cayenne pepper
4 Tbsp cold water

Preheat oven to 390 degrees. Lots of recipes call for 350, but I find that a higher temp makes them crispier.

Combine all the ingredients except water in a food processor. Your mixture will be crumbly. Add water one tablespoon at a time until your mixture makes a dough. The dough will be dry.

Remove dough from food processor and press into a ball. Wrap in foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled (about 15 minutes or so).

Roll out the dough until it is about 1/4 - 1/8 inch thick. The thicker you make the crackers, the longer they need to bake. 

Slice into squares with a pizza cutter. Feel free to add a little hole to the center of the cracker with a toothpick to make them look like the commercial cheese cracker. Alternatively, you could use mini alphabet cookie cutters to make adorable alphabet crackers.

Bake on parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. I used this Silpat mat, which I love. 

Bake 15-25 minutes, until lightly browned and crispy. Let cool on a wire rack. Eat by the handful. 

I love making these crackers, because they are SO appreciated by the boys. They LOVE them. I usually under-bake a batch, so that the crackers are still slightly soft, to make some that are easy for Sawyer to eat. I also feel good about throwing a little whole wheat flour in there. I don't think the flavor suffers at all, but if you prefer to use all white flour, you can do that too. 

I better go grab a few more before Riley gets home, because as soon as he gets off the bus, I'm SURE they will be all gone!

Have you ever made homemade crackers? Have any other good recipes I can try? I'd love to hear some! I was thinking about trying this recipe next...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Waiting for Irene

The calm before the storm...

(Don't worry, we are evacuating tomorrow.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm knitting a sweater.

I don't know if you've heard, but my sewing machine was broken. For weeks. Except it really wasn't, because I went to check on the status of the repair a few days ago, and they told me that it had been repaired on August 3, and that the 3 times I had been in the shop since August 3 when they told me it wasn't fixed were just little oopsies. I MIGHT have been livid...but I digress.

Anyway, all of this time away from my machine got me interested in more portable projects. BIG, yet portable projects. Tomorrow we are embarking on a road trip to Virginia. Never mind that we are driving into a hurricane. We're ok with that. But I need a road trip project, so I cast on a sweater. 


My first major knitting project, and I'm going for it. 

Hopefully, when it's done, it will look at least a little like this:

Are any of you knitters? Ever made a sweater? Got any tips for me (besides learn to purl properly)?  Are you on Ravelry? Come be my friend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dress Your (School) Boy Guest Post: Oversized Hoodie Pattern

Hey! I'm guest posting today over at The Train To Crazy. I'm sharing a pattern for this Oversized Hoodie I whipped up for Riley.

Head on over the The Train To Crazy to get the pattern! Thanks for having me Andrea!

Side note: It's my birthday! Please reassure me that 31 is not old. Thanks in advance. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I do when I'm not sewing


Didn't think so. 

My machine is still out for repair, so I am being super productive on my dissertation. What are you up to this week?
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