Monday, November 21, 2011

Gifts for Boys - Ages 9-12

I get lots of questions from friends, family, and readers about what kinds of gifts boys like. I wrote a post here about gifts I got for Riley for his ninth birthday, and I think all of those would also make great holiday gifts. Over winter break, Riley and I are looking forward to working on some more papertoy monsters from the book I gave him for his birthday. I mentioned in that post that I have some gifting guidelines. The gift:

1. Must be at least a little educational OR
2. Must be at least a little creative BUT
3. I really want both educational and creative.

I think most of these gifts fit those criteria (except for the Wii game). And yes, I do think Legos are educational and creative. When building a specific project, it requires attention to detail, the ability to follow directions, and a long attention span. When building free-form, it requires creativity and planning.

So, with those guidelines in mind, I thought I'd share what I'm getting the boys for Christmas this year, in case you're looking for "boy toys". These gifts are good for boys in the 7-12ish range. 

Riley asked for ALL of the LEGO World Racer sets for Christmas. ALL OF THEM. He's definitely not getting them all, but he is getting this one from us, and this one from some other family members.

Guinness World Records 2012

I don't really get it, but the kid LOVES the Guinness Book. He pours over them all year long, and at least once a day parrots some obscure record back to me.

This is the second year Riley has asked for the Super Mario Bros. Wii game, so we're getting it for him this year. I have a love/hate relationship with the Wii - It's super fun, but he gets so sucked into it that he totally tunes out everything else around him, including ME, telling him to turn it off. We don't play much Wii for this very reason, but I think this game will be one that Riley, Bryan, and I will all play together.

LEGO Star Wars T-6 Jedi Shuttle

You thought I was done with only ONE Lego set? Oh no. No no no. We are ALL LEGO ALL THE TIME around here. And even though Riley has never seen any of the Star Wars movies (neither have I - yes, really), he still thinks that the Lego sets are pretty cool, and I have to agree with him.

LEGO Ninjago Ice Dragon Attack

Legos. Ninjas. Dragons. Shooting action. What else is there to say?

Forbidden Island

This game actually came highly recommended by the owner of our local math enrichment center. I overheard him telling another parent that his favorite part of this game is that it is team-based. The whole team wins or loses. Riley loves games, and could definitely use more emphasis on teamwork, so we're going to try this one out.

Lego: The Calendar 2012

Finally, it's tradition in my family to give each person a new calendar for Christmas. Riley's getting this 2012 Lego calendar.

So that's it! These things are actually living in my Amazon cart right now, and in a few short weeks, will be  all over my house, I'm sure. Especially those Legos - they have a way of ending up under my feet CONSTANTLY, and they feel like tiny daggers when you step on them. If you've ever lived in a house with a Lego lover, you understand.

What are you getting your the boys in your life this holiday season?


  1. Only one big boy in my life, but I must say my girls always loved legos and they were also big fans of the World Records books. I think it has to do with the really weird stuff people do...hee hee!

  2. I've got 2 boys ( age 6 and 8) - and they wish for legos and nintendo DSI3D. We will probably give them legos and a new big box of copy paper - they both love to draw. 2500 new drawings for us to admire in 2012 :)

  3. I'm probably going to get my 10 year old the mountain bike. His bike is too small and he was riding mine without sitting on the seat. My mom (the spoiling grandma) got them ipod touches (used on ebay). So there's no point to me getting him a DS anymore. Then a Ripleys Believe it or not book, some paper jamz microphones, scrabble, and model rocket kits.

  4. Rocco loves the Guiness Book. He's into dinosaurs so this year he'll get a lot of Schleich and Safari Ltd. dinos. They have some really unusual dinos like the Pachyrhinosaurus and the Caudipteryx. He loves the details and learns each animal by touch (duh ;)

    All the kids enjoy Lego but I'm lucky not in the obsessed way. And by lucky I mean my wallet is lucky.

  5. I loved those Guiness Records books as a kid too! And 10 years later I'm still full of random useless information, lol.

  6. I just came across your blog while surfing tonight and I am so glad I did! My boys are 9 1/2 and almost 7 and they are Lego and Star Wars crazy and it was fun to read about your ideas for gifts! Thanks!


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