Friday, February 25, 2011

Paper Airplane Stencil Shirt, and Shooting in Manual

I know you guys have heard 90239840238402384029 times about

by now, but seriously, if you aren't checking the flickr group, like, HOURLY for awesome boy ideas, you're missing out. I came across this awesome stencil idea there.Image can be found here, via Happy Stuff, who also made an airplane shirt.

Paper Airplane Freezer Paper Stencil

Paper airplane 3

Also, have you noticed throngs of bloggers encouraging people to stop using their fancy cameras as expensive point-and-shoots? Well, yesterday, I put the camera in manual mode for these photos. 

Paper airplane 1


I think they came out pretty good, although I have about 402983409830948029 blurry ones and  maybe 30 good shots. Here is my question for you fancy photographers - how do you shoot a moving subject in manual without having blurry photos? Riley doesn't respond to "stand still". The constant focus adjustments were really challenging while I was taking these. 



The posing was all Riley. I think he thought he was being very cute with that racket.



p.s. Riley, stop getting so grown up. You're killing me!

So grown.


  1. to help your camera shoot faster, you can bump up the ISO - great job!

  2. Look at those eyes! What a heartbreaker :-)

  3. To answer your question about manual mode and taking a picture of moving children. Of the handful of photographers I interact with on a regular basis, none of them use full manual all the time. One friend in particular who I am learning from does a lot of children's photography and has told me that when she is shooting children, she lets the camera auto-focus. That leaves you with a little less to worry about. On the other hand, if you are shooting in one area, either a room or outdoors, you can take a couple test shots to get the aperture and shutter speed how you want it, then you can just think about focusing.

    You can check out my friend's website at she also has a blog that is linked from there.

  4. According to my camera class (LOL) you need to make your shutter speed faster. This may require upping your ISO or increasing your aperture (lower f-stop) to compensate.

    Didn't that sound impressive? Too bad I can't actually do it. ;)

  5. yup. speed up the shutter speed and let more light into the camera by opening up the aperture. just remember that a larger aperture(f stop) is actually a smaller aperture of f/4.5 is much wider than f/22. i finally broke down and got a fancy digital after resisting for years. i bring some of my more traditional equipment into session w some of my more curious of them was like 'why would you use this old ass stuff when you can use the new stuff?' while i was thinking for a suitable response, he looked at me and said, 'oh...i get it...your keeping it old school.' i had no better response than that! ;)

  6. awww, thanks for linking back to my happy stuff blog-- you just made my day! (and I love the airplane on a shirt for "big boys")

  7. This is my first visit to your site and I love it! I take a LOT of photos of my boys and have a small photography business and I would maybe suggest a prime lens, even an inexpensive one like a 50mm 1.8. That said, if your kids move at the speed of light, as mine do, the blur in the photos merely reflects the blur of life!!


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