Monday, October 11, 2010


File under ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This just "MADE" my day! (yeah, I know, worst pun ever).

Well, how about that! As if all of your awesome comments on my latest creation weren't enough, not one, not two, but THREE of my recent projects made Dana's yellow round-up today! Hi MADE readers! Thanks for stopping by! Here is some more yellow goodness for you.

Me (pregnant with Sawyer) and the daughter of one of my besties, Mya, sporting a dress I made for her

It never occurred to me how much yellow I use in my projects until this very moment, really. Apparently, it's a lot. You know why? BECAUSE IT'S NOT BLUE. Or brown. When you're sewing for boys, and you want your outcome to be interesting and unique, blue and brown just don't cut it. I use yellow because it makes a statement, and is a little unexpected without being "girly". If you haven't already visited, you should hop over to Dana's Celebrate Yellow flickr group and check out some more yellow loveliness!


  1. I just found your blog through MADE - love it! And reading this post, I sure do understand your predicament. I am also the mom of three boys, and the baby blue is getting old FAST! We have a lot of green, yellow, orange and red in this house to help balance it out. ;)

  2. Hi Stacy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that the baby blue thing is tired. Finding cute boy stuff is so much more challenging than girl stuff!

  3. Emily, how fun to see your things on Made -- congratulations! It's the yellow trifecta!

  4. Ha! It IS the yellow trifecta! :)

  5. emily, i am so excited to have just found your blog. i have a little boy and love to craft....i get frustrated with just how many things in the craft world are geared toward nothing but girls and girlie things! i am pumped to find some inspiration here on your blog....i have a silly question for you right now, though...when looking at this post, i couldn't help but notice the white frame in the background of your pic with mya. i love the swirlies around it. how did you do that? is it vinyl or did you paint on the wall? i'd love to do that in my hallway!

  6. Merran, that is actually a metal frame around the white frame, but you could totally do it with paint or vinyl too!


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