Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simple sweatshirt and label update

Remember back here when I made Q that awesome Urban Hoodie?

Do you also remember how it didn't fit him? Yeah. It breaks my heart to see it hanging around unworn.

Anyway, I had quite a bit of extra sweatshirt fleece, so I made this sweatshirt for Riley. It is super simple - just 3 pieces (front, back, sleeves), plus a little rib knit around the cuffs and neck. It's my own pattern, and takes MAYBE 45 minutes worth of work.

He decided to wear it to school today, and as he got off the bus, I noticed that it was on backwards. I'm certain it was on correctly when he left, so I asked him what the deal was with wearing his shirt backwards.

He said, "MOM, there's no TAG. How am I supposed to know which is the front?".


I never ordered my clothing labels! The poll winners were these two designs:

So I guess I need to get on it and order some so Riley stops coming home looking like just stepped out of a
Kris Kross video.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...


  1. This post cracks me up! I bought a huge spool of black thread before we moved (this thing is massive) and haven't touched it yet. If we were neighbors, I'd lend it to you. Where do you get your sweatshirt fleece?

  2. Hey lady! The sweatshirt fleece is from Joann's. I wonder if they ship to China...

    I find it utterly hilarious that Joann's carries anything with the word "punk" in the name, but this print is called "punk stripes on charcoal". Next time I walk into Joann's I expect to hear them playing Sex Pistols. :)

  3. I wouldn't hold your breath on the sex pistols part! LOL...but I adore the sweatshirt! My son always "reminds" me when I forget to put a tag in his handmade clothes too...but he's four...guess my hopes of him outgrowing that just got crushed.... :)

  4. I had to become a follower when I saw your purse on the purse week page and I am so glad you are the winner!! And then!! To read you are going to create a tutorial! I cannot wait to make one of these bags :)
    taidye original

  5. My youngest son, Quinn, LOVES to wear his shirts backwards, on purpose. It drives me nuts! My older son, Riley, does it all the time on accident. I have now bookmarked your site so that I can see what your Riley and Quinn are up to-lol

  6. Oh you made me chuckle. Great job with the sweatshirt. I too need to order some labels....where are you going to order them from?

    I'm hosting a week long celebration of tops and tees. I'd love it if you'd link up this post (along with any other t-shirt or top projects). I'd love some boy projects in the collection.

    Here is the direct link:



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