Sunday, October 3, 2010

October is my soul mate

I couldn't possibly love fall weekends any more.


  1. Emily, these pictures are making me seriously homesick! I heart fall. Big time. You've also got me seriously thinking that I need to get that hoodie pattern. Although I don't think I could actually cut into the little bit of Echino fabric that I have. Does it make you sweat to cut into the good stuff?

  2. I heart fall too! I bet as a former New Englander, you are used to fab falls. What are the seasons like in China?

    Oh it is so so so painful to chop into the good stuff! I have a yard of that Echino car fabric in purple that I bought to use in Sawyer's room and I just can't cut it! It is so silly, cause what good is it doing sitting in my sewing room? I also have a stack of Heather Ross stuff that I can't cut into. Anything that I might not be able to get again, or that cost me alot of cash never sees he rotary blade. :)

  3. I have a stack of Heather Ross fabric that I can't cut into too! I wish I could afford to buy twice as much as I want -- one to use and the other to stash away. I know it's silly to let my favorite fabrics sit in the closet. Maybe we should do some kind of "cut into your fabric favorite" sew along! ;)

    PS: Your boys are so stinkin' cute too! And I love their names!!!

  4. I love all of these pictures :) I heart fall and the pictures just scream it (in a good way haha) :D

  5. Thanks! I love fall too! I wish it felt more like fall here. I was 90 degrees today!


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