Sunday, October 31, 2010

Handmade Holiday Challenge - Week 1 Wrap Up

Well, week one of the Handmade Holiday Challenge has come to a close. Did you guys get your one gift made? I made this double potholder for my lovely mother-in-law. I love double potholders - they save your arms from getting burned by hot pans and cookie sheets! Look for a tutorial to be posted later today. I don't bake, people, so here I am showing you the sweet treats we are really eating around here this week!

Hayley from Spin The Pin made this precious skirt for her niece. Love the pocket!

And the kojodesigns ladies made this darling kimiko dress!

Have you been working on your handmade gifts? Don't forget to link them up so we can inspire each other to make some awesome handmade gifts! Up next week - I start 3 weeks of fun making gifts for my little men!

p.s. Only EIGHT weeks left until Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the double potholder! I really need to make some of those as gift!

    Eeek, only 8 weeks till Christmas? I've been sewing up custom orders for my shop and have done ZERO gift sewing for family and friends. Yikes! :-) Thanks for the warning, though!


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