Friday, October 22, 2010

Craft With Your Kids Week

This week is craft with your kids week at A Lemon Squeezy Home. Christie has been posting adorable crafts she did with her kids all week, and has a linky party up for others to showcase thier kids crafts. And that party has been up ALL WEEK. The fact that it is so barren reflects how few of us actually do the crafts WITH THE KIDS. I will openly admit to being terrible at involving my kids in the crafts. I could make excuses, and say that I'm sort of busy doing other things, but that would just be an excuse.

A few years ago, Riley and I crocheted (read: made a crazy long chain) Christmas tree garland, and recently he started asking to crochet his own scarf. He is constantly asking me to teach him to sew "soft blocks" (his words for stuffed cube baby toys). He clearly wants to craft with me, and I am clearly a terrible mother for doing this instead.

So, inspired by Christie, we did some freezer paper stenciling this week. We chose a skateboard image from the internet and traced it onto freezer paper. I let go of all of my crazy perfectionist tendencies and fought my urge to rip the sponge from his hand and finish the stencil myself.

And you know what? He was SO STINKING EXCITED about it all. He loved it.

I was so proud of myself, patting myself on the back for being such a good, crafty mama. Apparently Q really wanted in on the action, so he helped himself to the paint. I left it on the table, and Q decided it was time to do some crafting of his own, in the style of handprint art. 

 Lesson: Crafting with the kids is possible, so long as the supplies stay out of the reach of busy toddlers.


  1. That image is a great choice! Isn't freezer paper stuff so easy and fun? I do like to do that, as long as the prep is done for my little kids first!

  2. I love this, I need to craft with my boys more too, they really enjoy it when I let them join in on the action. Haven't let them freezer paper paint yet, but with summer coming would be a good time to let them outside with this craft idea.


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