Saturday, October 2, 2010

Clothing labels

I've been contemplating having clothing labels made for quite some time, and I think I'm finally ready to do it. I'm having a hard time deciding how the label should look, though. I thought I would put them out there for others to see and get some feedback. I've posted a poll in my sidebar (right under the followers link). Please please help me decide by voting for your favorites! What do you think of these?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

I think I will probably have them done on a black background, but here is what they look like in white. Which to you prefer?

I do have a favorite, but I am having such a hard time deciding. Feel free to leave any comments on color or deisgn as well. I would love some feedback before I order. This is probably the only time I'll order labels (because to get a decent price on woven labels, you have to order a bunch) so I really want to LOVE it, since I'll be stuck with it for a long time.


  1. How fun! I have to admit that I love having labels -- it's just such a lovely finishing touch to handmade items. Where are you going to order them from? I get mine from -- the first batch was sew-on and I kept forgetting to put them on (which was frustrating) so I ordered the iron-on type before we moved.

    Can't wait to see the results of the poll!

  2. I like the first one, probably on white because I feel like it would coordinate with more items that way. Just my two cents :)

  3. i like the red boy3. it has that sense of class and an edge to it, not little-boyish, but elegant boy-ish....KWIM?

  4. I love option three on the black...too cool!!

  5. I just started reading, but seems to me that "trifecta" is your emphasis word. How about Trifecta with the male symbol attached. Too Prince/Austin Powers? Maybe Trifecta with a snail and a frog....cause that's what little boys are made of?

    Love your blog!

  6. I think definitely option #1 on white! so simple and will have the timeless factor (won't go out of style) :D!

    ~ ~

  7. hey howd u make theese? did u use an online design website? could u plz tell me? :) thank u


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