Thursday, September 9, 2010

September is National Sewing Month

And in celebration...

I'm also taking part in the kid's clothes week challenge from September 20-26. Despite our fall becoming a crazy mess over the next several weeks, including my triumphant return to teaching here in a few weeks, I am going to make progress on sewing through my fabric stash! My darling husband said to me last week "You sure have a lot of fabric. I don't know what you do with it all, but I'm glad it makes you happy!".

Also, in honor of national sewing month, I shall remove my sewing machine and serger from the dining room table (you're welcome, honey - I know you want the dining room back!) and transform our windowless basement bedroom into my sewing room. I've already started moving the massive piles of clothes that have accumulated in that abandoned room to their proper place - either the laundry room or the Goodwill pile. I'm hoping to donate at least 5 bags of clothes to our local Goodwill this month.


  1. 1. Thanks for participating!
    2. Congrats on returning to teaching - my husband is a teacher, and job-wise it is very rough here in Oregon right now!
    3. YAY for your new sewing room. I've never wished for a windowless basement before... but now I am jealous!
    4. LOVE the name of your blog - very clever.

    I don't think I've ever left such a long list of comments on any one blog post before :)

  2. Thanks! And, I'll be sure to post some pics of my windowless, artificial light-filled sewing room as it progresses. :)


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