Friday, May 23, 2014

Quilt Market Recap: Arizona Fabrics by April Rhodes

Meet my adorable friend April. You know her from The Staple Dress. And the Date Night Dress. And the Riding Peplum.


April and I met through her mom's fabric shoppe, Sew To Speak. April is the fabric buyer for the shoppe, and a few times we've discussed me going to Quilt Market with the shoppe, but it never worked out.

Several months ago, I got an email from April, letting me in on her little secret - she is releasing her first fabric line with Art Gallery Fabrics, as part of their new Limited Edition line. I texted her and asked her to send me pics of the fabrics - and then held my breath until they arrived. I knew I was going to have to tell her if I didn't love them. But, then this showed up in my text messages...

...and I exhaled. Because it was perfect. Perfect color palette. Perfect designs. Perfectly April - the whole collection feels SO HER.

We started making plans for Pittsburgh...which, by the way, is adorable.

April and her family set to work making amazing, hand-crafted items for her booth. That sign she's painting below? Wood burned by her dad. That lamp just underneath it? Built by her husband. Jeff (April's husband) also built an amazing clothes rack for her booth.

April, her friends, and bloggers from all over the place made samples for the booth. And it turned out SO GOOD.

April shared a booth with Caroline from Sew Caroline (lots more awesome pictures over on her blog), and these two women did an amazing job visually dividing the booth. Getting everything set up was a two day process, but the end result was fantastic, and I was so proud of both April and Caroline!

That quilt back there in the corner on the wall? Yeah, I sewed that. April designed this quilt, called Rising, as a free pattern to be released along side her fabric line. The design is gorgeous, easy to sew, and compliments her fabrics really nicely.

Here it is before we backed it and hand-tied it.

Left: Gorgeous quilting by Mary Dugan of Molly Flanders and Megan Frock of Downtown Housewife. Right: April speaking about her fabrics at the Schoolhouse on Thursday of Quilt Market.

It was a crazy, whirlwind week, but I loved every second of it. It is SO COOL, as a friend, to see someone you love get such an awesome, warm reception by pretty much every one. It was super awesome.

I'll leave you with this: April, on Alex Veronelli of Aurifil. I think he got all of the Art Gallery designers on his lap, but April was definitely the most embarrassed. It was adorable. And hilarious. :)

Quilt Market Recap

Well, it's been almost a week since I got home from Quilt Market, and I'm still processing all of the events and awesomeness from those 5 days.

I love it when Google auto-awesomes my photos into  GIFs. Here's day 2 of market set-up.

I went to market to support my lovely and very dear friend April Rhodes as she releases her first line of fabric for Art Gallery. I'll cover all of April's goodness in another post, but how cute are April and Caroline on the walk over to market on day 1?

Caroline Hulse, of Sew Caroline, was one of my suprise favorite things about market! I just loved hanging out with her - you know when you meet someone and you just sort of click? Well, that's how it was with Caroline. She and April shared a booth, and Caroline's line for Art Gallery, called Gleeful, comes out this month!

I noticed two major themes at market: LOTS of color, and metallics. Several new lines coming out, including Arizona by April Rhodes, the Cotton & Steel goodies, the new Echino prints, and Violet Craft's new line, include metallic elements.

Alison Glass had one of the most gorgeous, colorful booths, and some of the most gorgeous quilts in the whole place.
One of the quilts in Alison's booth.

Alison's line coming out this fall is called Handcrafted, and it consists of these gorgeous batik-style fabrics. The colors are amazing. I can't wait for these to come out -they will be amazing for garments!

More goodness from the Alison Glass booth.

This quilt - it's called Tesselation, I believe - was absolutely STUNNING. I mean, really really exquisite. The pattern, by Nydia Kehnle and Alison Glass, will be available soon. 

And, of course, the big buzz of market was Cotton & Steel. 

This was snapped during set-up, hence the naked mannequins, but that bag...swoon!

I loved this corner of the Cotton and Steel wall of goodness - that bottom left print is sort of a neon yellow in real life - so good!

Other things I loved: Carolyn Friedlander. She is the sweetest, most approachable lady ever. Her quilts from her upcoming book are absolutely STUNNING. So gorgeous. And did I mention she was so sweet? My nails matched on of the colors in hew new Aurifil thread box, and she insisted on taking a picture of my nails with the thread. :) She was just adorable and warm every time I ran into her.

Jennifer Sampou's new line color:FULL for Robert Kaufman is so bright and fun, and her booth was gorgeous. This quilt was so cool!

I was also really into the floor in Violet Craft's booth. Like, so into it that I took a picture of it with my matching glitter shoes.

The fussy cutting/precision piecing on this quilt in Anna Maria Horner's booth was like WHOA.

And finally, I was really into these deer (see the metallic gold?!?!) and birds in the Echino booth.

So, those are the fabric highlights from Spring Quilt Market 2014! I'll be back with another post on April and Caroline's awesome booth. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bake, Craft, & Sew-along!

I am over at Skip to my Lou guest posting today for the Holiday Bake Craft Sew Along. homemade holiday
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Be sure to check out all the fabulous sewing projects shared this month for this Holiday Bake Craft Sew series going on all month long!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wanna come sew with me?

Tap tap this thing on? I know I have been a SUPREMELY terrible blogger in recent months. It's not that I'm not sewing/knitting/crocheting. It's that Instagram makes it SO DAMN EASY to share and interact with other crafty folks. I also started a new job, and am trying to wrap up my dissertation, yada yada yada. But enough with the excuses. I'm really here to tell you about the

First Annual #OHcraft Sew-In!!


(Here's a button for your old bloggy blog if you have one.)
If you're in or around Ohio (or not - we've got people coming all the way from California!), join us November 8-10 at Hueston Woods Lodge
If you can't make it the whole weekend, that's fine! There's a Saturday-only option as well (this is what I'm doing). Kara, the organizer, is basically one of the kindest, sweetest souls on the planet, and we've already got a bunch of awesome folks coming, so please join us! You can find more information on her blog.
Questions? Shoot me an email.

p.s. It occurs to me that I should explain the #OHcraft thing. A while back, a bunch of Ohio crafty blogger types (April from Sew to Speak, Julie from Sewn Studio, Heather from Olive and Ollie (check out her new stuff on Creativebug!), Jessica from A Little Gray, Kara from Me and Elna, Ali from PhD Stitchery, Amanda from Sasikirana Handmade and Rachael from Imagine Gnatsgot together for a little fabric shopping extravaganza. 

(I'm taking this picture, and Jessica freaking KILLS me with her photo poses.)

At that meet-up, we gave ourselves a hashtag so we could easily share of crafty goodness with each other on instagram - hence, the #OHcraft was born. Feel free to hash it up and join us!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ruby Star Wrap-Along - Fabric Take-Out Box and Gift Card Truck Softie

Happy Thursday! I'm excited to be participating in Sew to Speak's Ruby Star Wrap-Along today! In case you're not familiar, Ruby Star Wrapping is the new book by Melody Miller and Allison Tannery. The book is all about making reusable wrapping for gifts, so it comes along at the PERFECT time for wrapping up all those holiday gifts. I made two projects from the book: The Gift Card Truck Softie, and the Ruby Star's Takeout Box. LOVED THEM BOTH. 

First, the Takeout Box.

Not gonna lie, I'm a little obsessed with this project. It's ADORABLE, and super quick to make, and entirely no sew. YUP. No sew. I'm usually a sewing snob and don't bother with fabric projects that require a glue gun, but this one is fantastic. This projects is perfect to make en masse for holiday gifts, and I'm planning to  do just that. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I picked up YARDS of ribbon at Sew To Speak yesterday for making an army of Takeout Boxes for all my small holiday gifts.

I also made the Gift Card Truck Softie.

I was originally drawn to this project first, since it's boyish, and I've got a boys running around this place. It's really cute, and also quick and easy to sew. But my favorite thing about this gift card softie is that I can use it for more than just gift cards. In our house, it's going to do double duty as a Tooth Fairy Pillow! And one of the kids already tried to store some Lego Minifigs in that pocket, so I'm sure it will get tons of use.

I'm really excited about this book. You know how sometimes you buy a book for ONE project? Well, this isn't one of them. There are lots of projects in this book that I'm planning on doing. I've also got a few beginner sewists on my Christmas gift list this year, and this book is PERFECT for them, because none of the projects require advanced sewing skills, and lots of them are no-sew.

Wanna catch up with the other posts from the Wrap-Along? 

Wrap-along Blog Tour
Tues, Nov. 27 – Mary Dugan of Molly Flanders
Wed. Nov. 28 – Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated

DON'T FORGET! The Shoppe is giving away some awesome goodies. The winner will be announced TOMORROW on the Sew To Speak blog!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sew Amazing Giveaway!!!!

I am over at Skip to my Lou guest posting today for the Holiday Bake Craft Sew Along.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation with littles was almost the death of me.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know that the family and I spent the last few weeks in beautiful Montana/Wyoming/Idaho/Utah. The scenery - gorgeous. Family vacation - NEVER AGAIN. I'm going to show you some pretty pictures, and then I'm going to tell you how the trip REALLY went.

Most of this vacation got documented by my cell phone camera, so the photo quality here isn't super high, so you'll have to forgive me. 

Cliff Lake, Montana

Mama and baby bison parading down the road (and stopping traffic!) in Yellowstone.

Driving up the Beartooth Highway. Could it get more gorgeous? Answer: NO.

 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. 

Crazy boiling thermal pool in Yellowstone, trying it's hardest to kill this poor tree. 

Buffalo crossing!

Boys ready to hike (aka the ONE moment of the trip when they weren't acting like heathens). 

Kayaking on Quake Lake.

Sawyer exploring our back yard on our first Montana morning. 

Northwest park boundary.

Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt. 

So, the trip highlights were: GORGEOUS scenery, a trip to Cooke City, Montana with Riley and Sawyer, lots of great wildlife spottings (grizzly bear, black bear with cubs, moose, tons of elk and bison, antelope, coyotes, etc.), hanging out with Char.


Most of the trip involved children screaming and fighting, Bryan and I screaming and fight because the children were screaming and fighting, lots of time outs, kids trying to beat the crap out of each other, and tons of time trying to keep children in the midst of a tantrum from destroying the cabin. NOT. FUN.

This was the first time we've ever taken all three of the kiddos on vacation at once. So, where did we go wrong? Are all family vacations like that? Is two weeks too long? Did we go too far from home? How do you manage littles on a vacation  and still maintain your sanity?

Or, is the key just to leave them at home?

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